Republic Glass Holdings Corporation’s (RGHC) primary business purpose is to act as or engage in the business of a holding company. As such, it is authorized to purchase, subscribe for, invest in, acquire, obtain an interest in, own, hold, pledge, encumber, hypothecate, assign, sell, exchange, exercise any and all rights, powers and privileges pertaining to or otherwise dispose of and generally deal in and with securities of every kind and descriptions of or issued by individuals, trustees, corporations, association, partnerships, firms, joint ventures, organization and other entities including stocks, shares, voting trust certificates, bonds, mortgages, notes, trust certificates or other obligations or other securities of any nature howsoever evidenced without in any way acting as an investment company, trust company, mutual fund, investment house, or securities dealer or broker.

Republic Glass Holdings Corporation (RGHC), was formerly Republic Glass Corporation (RGC), and was the country's sole manufacturer and dominant supplier of flat glass for several decades. Organized in 1956, RGC began a pioneering venture in the manufacture of flat glass to save valuable foreign exchange through import substitution. Recognizing this important contribution to the country, the Philippine Board of Investments registered its manufacturing activities under the Investment Incentive Act. RGHC has been a publicly listed company since July 17, 1959. In 1990, RGC spun off its glass operations to form Republic-Asahi Glass Corporation (in a joint-venture with Asahi Glass Company Ltd. of Japan) and became a purely holding company (RGHC). In 2001, the parent company sold its investments in shares of stock of Republic-Asahi Glass Corporation and Republic-Asahi Realty Corporation to Asahi Glass Company Ltd (AGC) of Japan, and Casa Del Sol Corporation. Since then, the Company has been engaged primarily in investing in minority stakes in various companies and holds a substantial amount in government and corporate bonds, money market placements and time deposits. Since the year 2000, it has paid out nearly P2 billion in cash dividends.

At present, the Company has an investment in Science Park of the Philippines, Inc. (2013). The company previously had invested in Stradcom Corporation (2008) and fully exited this investment in 2015. It had previously invested through a 100% subsidiary, Hollington Management Corporation (HML), a 7.80% stake in Universal LRT Corporation (ULC), project proponent of MRT 7. HML divested its stake in 2010 at a substantial profit. RGHC also had two (2) significant real estate investments. A 2-hectare property in Libis, Quezon City was sold to RLC in 2013. A 34-hectare property in Bauan Batangas was sold to Atlantic, Gulf & Pacific Company of Manila, Inc. (AG&P) in 2012.  Both transactions netted the company substantial profits. 

Science Park of the Philippines, Inc. (SPPI) was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission in 1989 to operate as an industrial estate developer. SPPI is highly regarded as a pioneer and leader in private industrial estate development in the country and has almost 600 hectares of industrial parks developed and under development.  SPPI is expected to benefit from the re-purposing of supply chains of both domestic and international companies, as well as the future growth of the Philippine economy.