Policy and Data Relating to Health, Safety and Welfare of Employees

The health, safety and welfare of our employees and members of community are of vital importance. Republic Glass Holdings Corporation (the “Company”) aimed to maintain the highest standards of health, safety and welfare for its employees.

The Company is committed to ensuring the following:

  • A healthy, safe, secure and pleasant place to work.

  • ­Safe working practices for staff, an environment of openness, free from illegal harassment and free from drug or alcoholism as it is detrimental to health, safety and work performance of employees.

  • ­Safe working environment free from harassment, discrimination, harsh ad inhumane treatment. The Company will not tolerate violence, threatening behaviour or abuse directed against its employees. If such incidents do occur, the Company will take the matter very seriously, and take the appropriate action to protect its employees.

  • ­Safe means of entry and exit from place of work.

  • ­Access to health and safety training including procedures for emergencies such as fire and first aid.

  • ­Monitor health and safety standards, together with a review of accident statistics.

Data / Programs

Permanent regular employees of the Company are provided with Group Personal Accident Insurance, Group Life Insurance, medical benefits through HMO coverage consisting of annual physical examinations, physician consultations, diagnostic procedures, hospitalization and medicines.

In addition, the Company has programs to promote the health, safety and welfare of its permanent regular employees:

  1. Funded, non-contributory, defined benefit retirement plan.

  2. Sick leave and vacation leave credits

  3. Annual conduct of fire, earthquake and other emergency drill exercises. Arrangements are made to monitor regularly the condition of fire prevention equipment (i.e. inspection of fire extinguisher and testing of the fire alarm system).

  4. Round the clock security while inside the work place

  5. Seminars, learning and development program conducted in-house and by third party organization.

  6. Bonding and social activities through annual outings and Christmas parties.

The responsibility for all matters relating to health and safety within the Company rests with the Chief Executive Officer. The Chief Executive Officer in consultation with professional advisors, carries out regular risk assessments, with the object of keeping the Company environment safe.