RGC Investment Corporation (RIC).  

This is a wholly owned subsidiary of RGHC.  RIC was conceived to implement RGHC’s policy of diversifying its assets and operations in order to reduce the risk attendant to dependence only on one-group of products.  Presently, RIC owns two parcels of land and cottages thereon located in Baguio City. RIC derives its revenues primarily from dividend, rental of its real properties and earnings from fund placements.

RGC Marine Transport Corporation (RMTC)

RMTC is a wholly owned subsidiary of RGHC.  It was established in 1988 primarily to assure reliability in the delivery to RAGC of vital raw materials.  With increasing competition within the industry, combined with the slowdown in business activities, RGHC no longer saw the need to maintain its own fleet as alternative and reliable contractors could be found.   In 1999, RMTC sold its remaining operating assets.  With the sale, RMTC has ceased commercial operations. RMTC derives its revenue mainly from fund placements. 

Hollington Management Limited (HML)

HML is a wholly owned subsidiary of RGHC.  It was incorporated in 2006 primarily to serve as the Company vehicle for its investment in the MRT 7 project, through Universal LRT Corporation (ULC). In 2010, HML sold its investment in ULC. Today, HML derives its revenue primarily from dividends and earnings from investments in bonds and financial instruments.